1. Who are your neighbours? Describe them. Do you think they are good neighbours?
2. Who are your IDEAL NEIGHBOURS?
3. Comment on the following statements and decide if you agree with them or not.
My ideal neighbours are people who...
  • ... say hello when I see them.
  • ... I never see.
  • ... have parties and invite me.
  • ... are very quiet.
  • ... often come round for a cup of coffee.
  • ... come round to borrow things.
  • ... make themselves at home in my house.
4. Think of the following statement.
'Good walls make good neighbours'
What does it mean? Do you agree with it?

5. Listen to Mrs Snell talking about her new neibour. Is he a good neighbour? Why? (Why not?)

6. Now listen to Steve. What does HE think of Mrs Snell?

7. Listen to Mrs Snell again and answer the following questions:

a) When did Steve move into his new flat?
b) Is it a large flat?
c) What's his job? Is it a good job?
d) Does he work long hours?
e) What does he wear for work?
f) Who is staying with Steve at the moment?
g) What time did Steve's party end?
h) How many people came to the party?
i) What is Steve doing tonight?
j) Why doesn't Mrs Snell want to speak to Steve?

8. Now listen to Steve and answer the same questions.
9. Compare their answers.

10. Give a talk on GENERATION GAP. For that note down as many things as you can on
  • what young people think about older people
  • what older people think about young people