Pupil's Book - стр. 45

On Sunday

My father has a small boat. It's green and white and its name is 'Isabella'.
On Sunday my father goes fishing. I like to go with him.
In the morning we go to a small island. My father fishes and I help him.
We have lunch in the boat.
In the afternoon my father sleeps. I swim in the sea and make castles in the sand.
In the evening we go home.
On Sunday we have fish for dinner.

Pupil's Book - стр. 40
At night in the garden

Pupil's Book - стр. 38
Sue wakes up...
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Pupil's Book - стр. 37

I close my eyes,
I count to ten,
I yawn and stretch,
I yawn again.
I jump out of bed
And touch my toes.
It's seven o'clock.
It's time to go!

Pupil's Book - стр. 36

Прослушайте и прочитайте про то, как проводит утро Том.

Выучите следующие слова и выражения:
get up
вставать (с постели)
have breakfast
wash my face
brush my teeth
чистить зубы
brush my hair
расчёсывать волосы
say goodbye
go to school
идти в школу
at 7 o'clock
в 7 часов